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Stefano Severini

Stefano Severini

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United Kingdom SW1V

Additional Info:

Dear colleagues and students,

With wide versatility and a broad repertoire, I have served as both piano collaborator and opera part coach for Opera and the Lieder program. I have further developed my skills serving singers, choirs, and Opera Theatres, as well as via piano repetition for chamber music in International Competitions for Instrumental Soloist contests in Italy and Switzerland and for master’s degree courses of Conservatoires.
It is precisely by virtue of this versatile experience that I am confident I have a significant and unique skillset which will fulfil for you a deeply congruent role as your personal pianist collaborator, repetiteur for Italian Opera and German Opera and Lieder, libretto learning coacher, piano accompainist for Concerts and Liederabend.
Since developing my competency in both piano and orchestra conducting I have been dedicated to constantly furthering my education with some of the best professors in the world and have taken part in twenty orchestra masterclass and Opera masterclass contests.
These diverse roles over the past fifteen years have enabled me to gain production skills relevant to working in the music industry, teamwork skills, and goal-driven motivational skills. In the practice of the typical work of an orchestra conductor, an orchestral rehearsal, or as a piano collaborator, I demonstrated interpersonal skills, encouragement, and communicative skills across both languages and organizational and creative programming. Comprehension and perception determine the personal quality in the design of my rehearsal, while I react intuitively to the specific needs of each colleague.

Thank you again for your attention to my collaboration proposal and I look forward to receiving any questions you may have.
In the meantime, I wish you all the best and continued success.

Yours faithfully,



£ 50.00 Pounds Per Hour
The remuneration can vary susceptibly, with agreements we can evaluate together, in case of:
- concert collaboration
- continuous rehearsal calendar for exams or theatrical productions
- costs of piano room rental




Contemporary Music, Instrumental Accompaniment, Vocal Accompaniment, Vocal Répétiteur, Musical Theatre, Musical Direction

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