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Jeff Urband

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Posted on 24-04-2013 01:11
I am a experienced accompanist holding a Master's Degree in Piano Performance. Over the years I have been conductor and accompanist for John and Bonnie Raitt, performed classical music in concert both here and abroad and have many references.

An opera singer approached me to video tape her singing three classical pieces to audition for a televised talent show. I offered her use of a theater, my services as an accompanist and my video equipment. She would receive a dvd of her performance at the end of the session.

The music was of moderate difficulty, however one of the pieces seemed incorrect in that there were accidentals in every third measure, only in the left hand part contradicting what was in the right hand.

I was running 15 min late from another appointment. She had no cell phone and trying to reach her was futile. We rehearsed and her singing was below pitch, sliding up to notes, singing wrong rhythms. I asked her if she wanted to wait till she could work things out, however, she blamed me for everything, stating that I was "not honest".

I have thirty years experience working with singers both classical and pop and never had worked with anyone as unprepared or clueless, blaming me for everything. After thirty minutes of frustration, we decided mutually to end the session during her repeated comments that "you have no degree" and you are not honest"

She will remain nameless, however I have two degrees and never have endured treatment from someone who claims to study opera. I am honest. She could not take any critique whatsoever. I hope her teacher is "honest" in his teaching because she needs a course in fundamentals.

I do not know if this is the place to post this, and pardon me for my rant, but I take pride in what I do, charge a reasonable price and feel bad for this person who is utterly clueless.

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