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Performance Job Listing - New York, NY - Accompanist

This is Angel Katherine Taormina from The Taormina Family Films company. We are going to be in New York sometime within the next two months for an event that promotes the screenplay and the music of our upcoming film. We have the singer. We need an accompanist for the show. The songs must be rehearsed and played in the style of the character in the film, so everything is very specific. For this reason we request that the accompanist be open-minded, able to improvise if needed, and can willingly follow the singer in the two in-person rehearsals and in the show. Dates of show and rehearsals cannot be finalized until full cast is in place, but we will let the accompanist know immediately; so we need someone with flexible availability. The songs that will need to be played at the event are Gounod's Offertorium from the Mass of Saint Cecilia (piano solo instead of organ solo), and the following, as per the event's screenplay:
Faust- Act Four Entr'actre... Elles ne sont plus la... Elles se cachaint... Il ne revient pas (Gounod) (may be performed with or without entr'acte and first recit if time does not permit- "Marie's in-performance version")
Le Ciel a Visite la Terre (Gounod) (may be performed either all five verses or just one chorus/verse/chorus; original key or stepping up through muliple keys to get to original key to keep it interesting throughout)
La Juive- Il va venir (Halevy) (either whole song or just second verse and final refrain with "Marie's cadenza" at end)
Faust- Anges pur, anges radieux (Gounod) ("Marie's putting everything into one refrain version" since there will be no tenor and no baritone- purposefully- one time through the refrain, illustrating the three keys throughout- it will be rehearsed where to go up the steps)
This is why it cannot be stressed enough that good rehearsals and ability to follow singer are very important. Also highly important is ability to transpose music and write in changes on the fly. We like players who truly play from the heart and have a passion for what they are doing.
Though the singer has performed all these roles in their entirety, it is not necessary (or likely) that the accompanist has. What is important is that the accompanist knows what they are doing and can play what is put in front of them and then get into the character of the film and showcase the intricacies of what "Marie" is doing.
If hired, accompanist will receive the same script as the actors.
Again, this is a live event where the music and the screenplay of an upcoming film will be promoted to an intimate audience in the heart of NYC. The film has not yet been made. If accompanist gets this gig, they automatically qualify for the opportunity to be rehearsal pianist for the film and maybe even get to perform with the live orchestra (to be determined) in the film.
We will be holding auditions via Skype throughout the coming weeks in order to determine the compatibility of singer and auditioning accompanists.
Thank you very much for your time. Please get back to us as soon as possible, as the show is coming up soon.
-Angel Katherine Taormina
The Taormina Family Films
Skype Name: angelktaormina
Please have auditioning accompanists email me at angelktaormina@aol.com and we will set up a Skype audition. We will be back in NYC for the rehearsals and the show but we are currently out of state working, so all first round auditions must be done via Skype. Thanks!

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