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Performance Job Listing - Pittsburgh, PA - Accompanist - Musical Theatre

admin on July 05 2023 20:30:02
Performance Job Listing - London - London July 16th - Wanted: Piano accompanist LTCL Exam

Looking for a piano accompanist to accompany female vocalist/singer on 16th July in London for a LTCL exam.


Ain't it a pretty night (Floyd)
Monica's waltz (Menotti)
Aus Liebe (Bach)
Torna vezzosa Fillide (Bellini)
So shall the lute and harp awake (Handel)
Cäcilie (R. Strauss)
Schlechtes Wetter (R.Strauss)

It would be helpful if you are already familiar with multiple pieces so that rehearsals can take place immediately from today.

If you can let me know which pieces can be practiced upon immediately and which you feel would need more time, that would be extremely helpful.

Budget range including rehearsal: £300-500
(Discussions accepted)

Email: sopranovocalist.london@outlook.com

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admin on June 20 2023 10:36:03
Performance Job Listing - Houston, Texas Med Center area - Instrumental Accomanpist for Solo and Ensemble UIL

Hello! We have been unable to find an accompanist and we are a growing program in the Med Center, Houston Texas. We are in need of a collaborative pianist to work with our student's for this years February 4th UIL String Solo adjudication.

Pieces needing accompaniment:
1. Gavotte from Sonata No. 12 in F Major, G. Battista Martini (Violin)
2. Meditation from Thais, Massanet (Violin)
3. Bach Violin Concerto (No.1) in A Minor 3d Mvmt (Violin)
4. Mozart Violin Concerto (No.4) in D Major (K.218) 1st Mvmt (Violin)
5. Concerto in D Major (No.5) 3d Mvmt (Violin) Seitz
6. Concerto in A Minor for Cello, 1st movement (cello) Schumann
7. La Folia, A. Corelli (Violin)

The above represent individual students, who you can work to schedule on your time either at our campus (though we are a non-comprehensive/non-neighborhood school) we can schedule during the class day in our 1 practice room! Or after school if the students are able to make it! We have two pianos and one nice Yamaha weighted keyboard (more in tune!)

Please consider working with us! We can make this a permanent option in future, we will also have a few band students later in the Spring!

It's a challenge, but we have great kids that want to perform. Please reach out!

Jordan Stewart, DeBakey Orchestra director

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admin on January 06 2023 23:00:23
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