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Adrian Ford


East Point
United States 30344


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Additional Info:


1. Excellent sight-reading skills for piano/keyboard instruments
2. Sensitive touch for quality control
3. Strong conceptual framework in music history and theory


B. A. in Music Performance, concentrations in piano and composition (Morris Brown College: May 2014)
M. A. in Music Education, concentration in piano (Liberty University: Dec. 2016)
Ed. D. in Curriculum and Instruction (Liberty University: Dec. 2020).


1. Served as church pianist for 23 years (various denominations)
2. Current pipe organist at an Episcopal church in Atlanta, GA
3. Semi-professional concert pianist (original compositions)
4. Served as an accompanist for W. P. Whalum Community Chorus (12 years)
5. Served as an vocal and instrumental accompanists for various local artists for 14 years
6. LGPE accompanist for GMEA Districts 5 and 6


$ 50.00 Dollars Per Hour
Individual Sheet Music Package: Price Varies

Rehearsals: $50.00 per hour and includes accompaniment, playing individual voice parts, and assisting with sectional rehearsals. (Even if none of the music requires accompaniment)

Sheet music length: up to 10 pages per piece

Concert Day: For compensation for time and travel, the accompanist’s base fee is $150.00.

$25.00 per piece of choral music above base fee standard length is 10 pages.

Pieces that are more than 11 pages, the total would be $35.00 for any length for a single song.

Ex: If accompaniment is required for choirs who sing six songs or less on concert day, the base fee is enacted $150.00. If choir sings 7 or more, $25.00 per song plus base fee; ex. 7 = $175.00.

All Inclusive Package: $350.00
1. Four 2-hrs. Full rehearsals, one 1.5-hrs. dress rehearsal, and one 1.5 hrs. concert
2. Sheet music length: up to 12 pages per piece

Ask about Mash-ups / Oratorio / Opera / or Musical Theater Production prices!!




Jazz, Improvisation, Instrumental Accompaniment, Vocal Accompaniment, Musical Theatre, Musical Direction

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