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Horacio López Redondo

Horacio López Redondo

Professional Membership Professional


United Kingdom E2


My contact telephone number is 07591096461

Photo by Dionysis Livanis

Additional Info:

Hello, my name is Horacio López, accompanist from Spain. I have an MA in Piano Accompaniment from the Royal Academy of Music in London, which I was awarded with Distinction. I have lots of experience accompanying classical musicians for recitals, exams, auditions, etc. Reliable, responsible, a fast learner and a good sight reader, and passionate about my job, willing to work with all types of repertoires.


£ 36.00 Pounds Per Hour
Given the levels of difficulty can be extremely differing, it is very hard to set a standard price for all recitals and exams, as they range all the way from basic ABRSM and Trinity board tests to undergraduate and postgraduate college level. Every repertoire will be unique in its difficulty and in many other factors that need to be taken into account. That is why I always like to negotiate my rates with the people I work on, but in general I tend to go for a bigger value pack in which you get rehearsals for as long as needed, without having to check the time, while the overall price gets rounded up.


Piano, Electronic Keyboard


Contemporary Music, Jazz, Improvisation, Instrumental Accompaniment, Vocal Accompaniment, Vocal Répétiteur, Musical Theatre

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