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Joshua Chandra

Joshua Chandra


United States 92504



Additional Info:

Hi there! I have a Bachelor's Degree of Music in Piano Performance magna cum laude on scholarship from California State University, Fullerton. I have performed with seven orchestras throughout California and abroad (in Germany, Indonesia, and Italy), as a concert soloist as well as an ensemble pianist.

I've been distinguished in some way in every international piano competition in which I've participated; for example, in the 5th Anton G. Rubinstein International Piano Competition in Sept.-Oct. 2012, I was the only American to reach the semifinals. I have also won awards in the 2009 José Iturbi International Music Competition (Finalist), the 2010 CSUF Music Associates Concerto Competition (Grand Prize), and the 2011 Louisiana International Piano Competition (Semifinalist). I've worked with Conductor Kimo Furumoto and his Whittier-based Rio Hondo Symphony multiple times, and was once called to perform with the Bellflower Symphony with two days' notice.

I've played on keyboards of all kinds, ranging from the organ to the harpsichord and celesta (that high-pitched metal-slab keyboard providing the melody to the Sugar-Plum Fairy in Tchaikovsky's ballet The Nutcracker). I have accompanied numerous vocalists and instrumentalists both inside and outside of my alma mater in rehearsals, recording sessions, auditions, and performances. I was handpicked multiple times to replace suddenly unavailable staff accompanists at CSUF, sight-reading for vocal workshops led by voice faculty.

I regularly play for weddings, funerals, memorials, luncheons, and dinners, as a solo or chamber musician in the spotlight as well as in the background. I can hypothetically improvise endlessly for background music, and seamlessly weave one hymn into another within church services. At the three churches where I've been hired as a pianist, I improvised on each service's hymns while sight-reading and transposing every Sunday, on piano and organ when applicable.

I own a Casio-CDP 220R which I'm ready and able to bring to any venue that lacks a piano, as well as a Zoom H4n portable audio recorder. I can convert, trim, split, and merge separate video and audio tracks, including replacing poor audio in a video with superior audio captured from a separate device and manually synchronizing them. Lastly, I arrange and compose music on the music notation software Sibelius, and am glad to be of service in any way that I can!


I actually prefer flat rates to make things simpler; my rates are influenced by duration of event and distance (these two are the biggest factors), how many specific tasks are required during the event, and the difficulty of those tasks. This would boil down to roughly $40-100/hour.

I can be reached at (714) 900-2426.


Piano, Organ, Harpsichord, Electronic Keyboard


Early Music, Contemporary Music, Jazz, Improvisation, Instrumental Accompaniment, Vocal Accompaniment, Vocal Répétiteur, Musical Theatre, Musical Direction

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