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Mark Dowling

Mark Dowling

Professional Membership Professional


United Kingdom SE20


Mobile: 07711815895
Email: mjdkeys@yahoo.com

Additional Info:

Mark Dowling is a professional pianist, teacher and speaker. Mark, as a BYMT licensed teacher, works in primary and secondary schools, teaching the piano, music theory and classroom music technology and music making curriculum lessons. In addition to his professional teaching, Mark is pianist for Brent Jazz Orchestra, tuned percussion player for Bromley Concert Band and accompanies the choir at St Joseph's, Epsom, performs solo piano lunchtime recitals on a semi-regular basis and sings Tenor in the South London Singers. Other Musical commitments include the performance in a classical trio, and involvement in a duo project with Benedikt Stroher.

Mark is a regular Vlogger on social media, exploring subjects pertaining to music education, personal growth and Christianity. Mark, as an active Christian, is involved in the ministry of preaching and teaching, either in a small group context or at Elmers End Free Church. Marks past experience in church ministry was that of local church worship leader at Christ Church Anerley. His responsibilities included singing, piano accompanying, band leading, training and regular meetings concerning church worship development.

Mark holds a masters degree in music performance, a bachelors degree in music performance and technology, a licentiate diploma from the London College of Music and a graduate diploma in theology. His academic interests pertain to that of the church and its relationship to music theologically, psychologically and historically. Mark regularly partakes in continued professional development - taking lessons from Jeremy Davis, Robert Mitchell, Tim Richards, Susan Garrett, Gareth Green and Kyle Fergusson. His desire is to be the very best he can so that he can continue to inspire, empower and enliven every musically desirous person he meets.

Mark explores repertoire that is uncommon to the general concert platform, with the desire of performing in concerts, competitions and academic environments where a more frequent performance of such music is encouraged, thus broadening the concert repertoire for classical musicians universally. Mark believes this to be a great need if classical music is to be fully appreciated, explored and enjoyed.


£ 40.00 Pounds Per Hour


Piano, Organ, Electronic Keyboard


Jazz, Improvisation, Instrumental Accompaniment, Vocal Accompaniment, Musical Direction, Ballet Accompaniment, Vocal Coaching

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