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Oliver Cuttriss


Burgess Hill
United Kingdom RH15

Additional Info:

I am a recent Music graduate from Royal Holloway, University of London, specialising in performance/accompaniment. As a pianist primarily (but also accomplished on the oboe and electric guitar), I have been performing and accompanying my peers to a very high standard since secondary school. My musicality and venerable sight-reading ability have been highly reputed in both areas, culminating in my earning the Alice Dougherty-Chaplin Award for Best Final Year Recital at Royal Holloway and having been a major asset in all the accompaniment work I have done over the years. I have earned myself a reverent status in the Surrey area from the four years I lived in the county, where I played for a highly diverse array of musical items including (but not limited to) numerous mock recitals, musicals, choral societies and exams both inside and outside campus grounds, often at very little notice. I also provided invaluable accompaniment services to a Prep School near Royal Holloway, where I worked part-time during my final year and full-time for a year post-graduation; upon ending my contract there, I am eagerly seeking to expand the areas to which I can provide any kind of assistance in the field of accompaniment.

(N.B. While ultimately a classically-trained pianist I have had experience playing the harpsichord, and am fairly comfortable improvising around a chord chart. I am also perfectly comfortable playing scored 'jazz' and contemporary music.)


Subject to the nature of the service required - please enquire!




Instrumental Accompaniment, Vocal Accompaniment, Vocal Repetiteur, Musical Theatre

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