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Robert Fuchs

Robert Fuchs


Czech Republic 15800

Additional Info:

Since his childhood, he showed a liking for music and confirmed his exceptional talent by composing The Russian Suite which he performed on stage as a fourteen year old piano player. At the age of eighteen, he became the youngest student in the musical composition class at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. After his studies he continued as a composer for several theatres and has performed on several stages around the world as a sensitive performer focusing on the greatest masterpieces of all musical periods. Apart from his serious composition work for the stage, he also devoted himself to film scoring. His original works include:
The Spring Quartet (first performed in Strasbourg, 1991)
The unfinished Mass
American Sonata (first performed in Pilsen, 1992)
Monumentum per Olivier Messiaen (first performed in London, 1994)
Roman (first performed in Prague, 2002)
Jerusalem for organ (2010)

Composition class at Academy of Fine Arts in Prague
Piano class at National Music Conservatory in Pilsen

Employer: State Opera House
Position: repetiteur and stage pianist
Location: Prague, Czech republic
1998 - present
Works as solo pianist and ensemble pianist (Czech republic, Italy, Spain, Ireland, England, Switzerland, France, Israel)
1991 - present
Works as composer and arranger for several theatres and stages
2004 - 2007
Employer: Czech philharmonic choir
Position: singer
Location: Prague, Czech republic
Employer: Musique des Lumieres
Position: arranger and repetiteur
Location: Basel, Switzerland
Employer: Stand d’été Moutier
Position: repetiteur and singer
Location: Moutier, Switzerland
2006 - 2007
Employer: Dance Conservatory
Position: repetiteur
Location: Prague, Czech republic
Employer: Holland America Line
Position: keyboardist and pianist
Location: Miami, FL
2007 - present
Employer: ISP Leisure
Position: solo piano entertainer
Location: Miami, FL
Employer: Hebrew University Jerusalem
Position: musical director
Location: Jerusalem, Israel


Piano, Organ, Electronic Keyboard


Contemporary Music, Jazz, Instrumental Accompaniment, Vocal Accompaniment, Vocal Repetiteur, Musical Theatre

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