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Dr Sasha Valeri Millwood

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Select accompaniment repertoire (excluding works for pianoforte duet/duo and the much larger gamut of works which I have sight-read/encountered at some point and/or have not played for a very long time):

PROKOFIEV: 1st movement of Pianoforte Concerto no.3, in C major, op.26 (as accompanist playing orchestral reduction)
LENNOX BERKELEY: Sonatina for oboe and pianoforte, op.61 (complete)
ANTHONY PAYNE: The Enchantress Plays
NICOLAS BACRI: Sonatina Lirica op.108/1 for clarinet and pianoforte
FRANK BAYFORD: Thaxted Evening, op.63
COLIN BAYLISS: Conversation Piece, B154
STEPHEN GIBSON: 17th (‘Perpetual Mobile’), 19th (‘Night Music’), 20th (‘Galop’), 21st (‘Gothic Horseman’), 22nd ('Folk Song'), 23rd ('Rumba'), & 24th ('Fanfare 2') of the Bagatelles for horn and pianoforte
ANTHONY GREEN: Loch Mallachie
SIMON DESORGHER: ‘Kandinskoscope’, ‘Waves’, & ‘Sparks Fly’ (from Five Miniature Sound Paintings)
VILLOLDO arr. BIRTEL: El Choclo [this is piece C3 in the current ABRSM grade 6 violin syllabus]
GENZMER: 'Allegro' (4th movement) from Sonatine No.1, GeWV225 [this is piece C1 in the current ABRSM grade 6 violin syllabus]
CLARA SCHUMANN: Romanze in G minor for pianoforte and violin op.22 no.2 [this is piece B3 in the current ABRSM grade 6 violin syllabus]
HANDEL: 'Allegro' (2nd movement) from Sonata in D major HWV371 [this is piece A1 in the current ABRSM grade 6 violin syllabus]
PAGANINI: Variations on One String on a Theme by Rossini
TCHAIKOVSKY: Pezzo Capriccioso, op. 62
SHOSTAKOVICH: 'cello concerto No.1 in E-flat major, op.107 (complete)
MEL-BONIS: 'Scherzo' (2nd movement) from Sonata for flute and pianoforte [this is piece C6 in the current ABRSM grade 7 flute syllabus (or B1 in the old syllabus)]
attrib. C.P.E. BACH: 'Allegro' (1st movement) from Sonata in G minor, BWV1020 [this is piece A4 in the current ABRSM grade 7 flute syllabus (or A1 in the old syllabus)]
EUGÈNE GOOSSENS: Scherzo Fantasque
EDMUND RUBBRA: Sonata in C for oboe and pianoforte, op.100 (complete) [the 1st movement (‘Con moto’) is piece B9 in the current ABRSM grade 8 oboe syllabus]
EUGÈNE GOOSSENS: Vieille Chanson à Boire
RUTH GIPPS: Honey‐Coloured Cow, op.3d
RUTH GIPPS: Triton, op.60
RUTH GIPPS: The Riders of Rohan, op.69
JOHN GARDNER: Romanza, op.8
WILFRID MELLERS: Galliard for trombone and pianoforte
PRIAULX RAINIER: Suite for clarinet and pianoforte
LUTYENS: Footfalls, op.128
LUTYENS: Fantasie Trio, op.55
EDMUND RUBBRA: Meditazioni Sopra 'Coeurs Désolés', op.67 (in version for flute and pianoforte)
RUTH GIPPS: Sonata in G Minor op.5a (for oboe and pianoforte)
RUTH GIPPS: Sonatina op.56 (for horn and pianoforte)
RUTH GIPPS: The Pony Cart, op.75
EUGÈNE GOOSSENS: Pastorale et Arlequinade, op.41
LENNOX BERKELEY: Trio for flute, oboe and pianoforte
HUGH SHRAPNEL: Sonata for clarinet and piano
PETER LAWSON: Song of the Green-Winged Orchid
ERNST KRENEK: Five Pieces for trombone and piano, op.198
PATRICK BURGAN: Thème et Variations pour clarinette en si-bémol et piano ['Theme and Variations for clarinet in B-flat and pianoforte']
COLIN BAYLISS: I Have Forsaken the World
STEFAN HEUCKE: Zur Zeit der letzten Posaune ('At the last Trump')
JAMES MACMILLAN: Sabre Dance (6th piece in 'Northern Skies', for 'cello and pianoforte)
ROBERT COLERIDGE: Even Song for flute and pianoforte
DAMASE: Rhapsodie pour cor et orchestra (as arranged for horn and pianoforte)
MUSGRAVE: Music for Horn and Piano
BRAHMS: Violin Sonata No.2 in A major, op.100, last movement ['Allegretto grazioso (quasi andante)']
BRAHMS: Violin Sonata No.3 in D minor, op.108, last movement ['Presto agitato'] [this is piece B5 in the current ABRSM grade 8 violin syllabus]
ELGAR: 'In Haven'; 'Where corals lie'; 'Like to a damask Rose'; 'Rondel'
OFFENBACH: Barcarolle [the famous one, for two voices, which I transposed down a minor 3rd]
JEROME KERN: 'Can't help lovin' dat man'
COLE PORTER: 'Night and Day'
RODGERS AND HAMMERSTEIN: 'Grand Night for Singing'
C.P.E. BACH: Sonata in G major for flute and continuo, Wq133 (complete) [performed on pianoforte, realising the figured bass in performance]
CHOPIN: Variations on a theme by Rossini (for flute & pianoforte)
CHAMINADE: Concertino, op.107
RUTTER: Suite Antique for flute & pianoforte (complete) [the ‘Prelude’ (1st movement) is piece B9 on the current ABRSM grade 6 flute syllabus; the ‘Ostinato’ (2nd movement) is piece A9 on the current ABRSM grade 7 flute syllabus; the ‘Aria’ & ‘Waltz’ (3rd & 4th movements) together constitute piece C10 on the current ABRSM grade 8 flute syllabus]
FRANÇAIX: 2nd, 3rd, & 5th of the Five Exotic Dances
MASSENET: Meditation from Thaïs (as arranged for violin and pianoforte)
BRUCH: Kol Nidrei
HAYDN: Violin Concerto in G major, 1st movement
GORB: Serenad... [harpsichord part]
FORBES: People and Statuary [harpsichord part]
BUTLER: Correspondence [harpsichord part]
LUTOSLAWSKI: Dance Preludes, 1st & 2nd movements
SIBELIUS: Violin Concerto, 1st movement
RACHMANINOFF: 'cello sonata in G minor, op.19, first 3 movements ('Lento — Allegro moderato', 'Allegro scherzando', and 'Andante') [the 'Andante' is piece B10 on the current ABRSM grade 8 'cello syllabus]
IAN CLARKE: The Mad Hatter
IAN CLARKE: Hypnosis [this is piece B3 in the current ABRSM grade 8 flute syllabus]
GRIEG: Violin sonata, op. 8, 2nd movement
WILLIAMS: 'Remembrances' (from Schindler's List)
BACH: E-major violin concerto (BWV1042), 3rd movement
BACH: A-minor violin concerto (BWV1041), 1st movement [this is piece A5 in the current ABRSM grade 8 violin syllabus]
BERNSTEIN: Glitter and be Gay (from Candide)
PUCCINI: Un Bel Di Vedremo (from Madame Butterfly)
BERLIOZ: Le Spectre de la Rose
HANDEL: So Shall the Lute and Harp Awake
BRAHMS: Regenlied
FAURÉ: La Rose
BRITTEN: Let the florid music praise!
STRAUSS: Das Rosenband
MESSIAEN: Bail avec Mi (from Chants de Terre et de ciel)
LEHMANN: Magdalen at Michael's Gate
SCHOENBERG: Phantasy, op. 47
MESSIAEN: last movement of Quatuor pour la fin de temps
[in progress] USTVOLSKAYA: Sonata for violin and pianoforte
ELGAR: Salut d'amour
HINDEMITH: Flute Sonata (complete)
FAURÉ: Fantaisie ['Fantasy'], op.79 (complete) [the 'Andantino' section constitutes piece B4 in the current ABRSM grade 7 flute syllabus (or B5 in the old syllabus)]
BRITTEN: Midsummer Night's Dream; Lucretia; first 2 songs from Winter Words
MUSICAL THEATRE: Beauty & the Beast; Half A Sixpence; Joseph!
SCHUBERT: Abschied; Der Doppelgänger; Die Stadt
SCHUMANN: 'Im wunderschönen Monat Mai', 'Aus meinen Tränen sprießen', 'Die Rose, die Lilie, die Taube, die Sonne', and 'Wenn ich in deine Augen seh' (first four songs from Dichterliebe)
DE FALLA: 'El Paño Moruno' and 'Nana' (from the Siete Canciones Populares)
MENDELSSOHN: first two mvts of pianoforte trio in D minor
STRAUSS: Allerseelen (have transposed in the past)
BRAHMS: Dämmrung Senkte Sich Von Oben
POULENC: Clarinet Sonata (complete) [the 1st movement, 'Allegro tristamente', is piece C7 in the current ABRSM grade 8 clarinet syllabus (or B7 in the old syllabus); the 2nd movement, ‘Romanza’, is piece B7 in the current ABRSM grade 7 clarinet syllabus]

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