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Rochelle Rochelle

Professional Membership Professional

ALLIANCE PUBLICATIONS INC / Sinsinawa Studios Productions
SINSINAWA WI 53824-0157

Tel: 608-748-4411, ext. 124 Fax: 608-748-4491

E-mail: api@apimusic.org Website: www .apimuslc.org

Rochelle Rochelle is a most qualified music educator for grade and high school band, choral, and general music. I have been a colleague with her on staff for a 6-year period at Benton High School in previous years and witnessed her complete dedication, professional advancement, and ability to communicate well with students, teachers, parents and administration.

Personally, she is a solidly grounded individual who is very responsible and dedicated to her commitments. Musically and artistically, she is excellently trained and executes remarkably well in performances. As a accompanist, she is superb and always prepared and most supportive to the director and choir.

Anita Smisek, OP
Alliance Publications, Inc. President/Publisher
Director, Sinsinawa Mound Civic Chorus


"Rochelle was great to work with. She was easy to contact by email, which is a major plus for a busy teacher. I think one of the best things is that she was able to come during my school day to work with kids, which ensured all the kids could see her without having to miss other classes or stay after school. Having a background in music education, I was confident she was giving my students solid help if I wasn’t in the room. Considering the length of her drive, her prices were quite good. The students also loved her name!"

Heather Patton
High School Band Director
Iowa-Grant Schools
Livingston, WI


Rochelle Rochelle is well-established in the Tri-State area as a music educator. However, my association with her has been prominently with her as a collaborative pianist. Being both a soloist and a conductor, I have had the opportunities to work with her in two different settings this past year. We worked together as conductor and accompanist for a middle-school choral festival. Rochelle was great to work with throughout the day, from playing parts to artfully accompanying the group. We also worked together to perform a North American premier of a contemporary work by Paul Paviour from Australia.
With a short amount of time to put the work together, she was solidly prepared for the challenge and an awesome collaborator. Rochelle is a musical addition to any performance. She is a team player and easily adapts to creative developments. Her skills as a pianist are very fine.

LaDonna Manternach, BVM, DMA
Clarke University Music Department, chair
Associate Professor of Music


"Rochelle accompanied for some of my students at Solo & Ensemble. She is a highly skilled pianist and she works well with students. She was very flexible with scheduling rehearsal times and she provided great constructive criticism to students. Rochelle was willing to step in at the last minute to cover accompanying if another accompanist couldn't be there. She provided positive feedback and a wonderful experience for my students!"

Kristin Cudzewicz
K-12 Music Educator
Argyle School District
Argyle, WI


"Rochelle accompanied many of my students at Solo and Ensemble this past year. Her piano skills are truly incredible. She does a wonderful job playing for and working with students when they are preparing for performances. I have also heard her play for High School musicals. No matter how difficult the music is she can handle it. When a student loses their place in a song and is jumping all over, Rochelle follows without a loss of a beat and makes it all sound like it was supposed to happen that way. She does an amazing job accompanying and is a tremendous asset to any performance."

David Iserman
Southwestern Middle School Band Director
Southwestern Schools
Hazel Green, WI


"Rochelle Rochelle was the accompanist for the 2013 SWAL High School Honors Choir held on January 26th. She was prepared, professional and easy to work with. The accompanist in honors situations needs to be not only able to perform the music, but to be flexible and talented enough to adjust to the demands of the choir, the director, the schedule and the venue. Rochelle met and exceeded all of these expectations. My ultimate evaluation came at the concert, where she was flawless when playing solo parts, and faded into the background when the choir was singing. I doubt if most people in the audience realized how skillfully she accomplished this. She will be welcomed back to our Honors Choir at any opportunity."

Peter Putz
Choir Director
Riverdale Schools


"I have worked with Rochelle in a variety of musical settings with choir concerts, solo and ensemble, wedding music, and musicals. She is always great to work with and extremely flexible with my very busy teaching schedule. She is always prepared and always gives helpful feedback to my students. When we did our spring musical, she offered to come in a few extra rehearsals because she thought it would help my students. My students really appreciate working with her and she makes things very easy for me as a music educator!"

Kelsey Kuepers
K-12 General and Vocal Music
Shullsburg School District
Shullsburg, WI 53586


"Rochelle Rochelle is an excellent accompanist who works well with students! Her abilities as accompanist and her years of experience with students make her an excellent choice for those looking for an accompanist. She is able to play and sight read all levels of solo material. She can easily put a solo together with a student in a very short time frame."

James Meuth
Music Director
Pecatonica Area Schools
Blanchardville, WI 53516


Our Wedding:

"Rochelle was fantastic! She agreed to all songs we chose and was more than willing to accommodate to our schedule to practice around the dress rehearsal and wedding."

Heather and Dustin Couey
Milton, WI

Our Wedding:

Rochelle recently played for my wedding. I had students singing in my wedding in August and she offered to come in at the end of the school year to practice with them. She also had another rehearsal with them the week of the wedding and she also came to the rehearsal. She was professional and really went the extra mile to make my wedding music everything that I had dreamed of. She was great at my wedding and she would be great at any other wedding too!

Kelsey and Brian Duss
Hazel Green, WI

Our Wedding:

Rochelle was a wonderful addition to our day. Rochelle was a great musician, punctual and so friendly! We had a soloist and they both worked together and put on a wonderful performance. Many of the guests were talking about the wonderful music. She not only played the organ but also the piano. It was a wonderful day filled with wonderful music!

Ben & Melissa Aschebrook
Madison, WI


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