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Richard Black

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Note that all this repertoire is music I've performed, complete, in front of an audience. There's plenty more I know but have never given in concert. I also haven't listed concertos I've accompanied below - only works originally written for instrument(s) and piano (or harpsichord). This list currently includes 117 sonatas (and many other works of similar scale) and pieces by a total of 177 composers.

Alan Abbott ... Alla Caccia for french horn and piano
William Alwyn ... Clarinet sonata
Malcolm Arnold ... Clarinet sonatina; Piano trio; Five pieces for violin and piano
CPE Bach ... Hamburger Sonata for flute and piano; Violin sonata in B flat Wq 77
JS Bach ... Sonata no. 4 for violin and keyboard; Sonata in e minor for flute and keyboard; Sonata in b minor for flute and keyboard; Sonata in A for flute and keyboard; Sonata in G for viola da gamba and keyboard (with cello); Sonata in E flat for flute and keyboard (with tuba); Sonata in g minor for flute and keyboard (with alto saxophone)
Don Banks ... Prologue, Night Piece and Blues for Two
Barat ... Andante et Scherzo for trumpet and piano
Daniel Barklay ... 'The Endless Ulster Cycle' for trumpet and piano (world première)
Bartók ... Violin sonata no. 2; Rumanian Folk Dances (version for violin and piano); Hungarian Peasant Dance Suites (version for flute and piano)
Bax ... Clarinet sonata
Beethoven ... Cello sonata no. 3; Cello sonata no. 4; Variations for cello and piano on ‘Bei Männern’; ‘Archduke’ trio; Violin sonata Op. 24 (‘Spring’); Violin sonata Op. 47 ('Kreutzer'); Violin sonata Op. 12 no 2; Violin sonata Op. 12 no 1; Violin sonata Op. 22; Piano Trio Op. 1 no 3 in c minor; Horn sonata
Richard Rodney Bennett ... 'Summer Music' for flute and piano
Berg ... Four pieces for clarinet and piano
Harrison Birtwhistle ... Verses for clarinet and piano
Bitsch ... Variations on a theme of Scarlatti for trumpet and piano
Ernest Bloch ... Processional for trumpet and piano; Baal Shem suite for violin and piano
Paul Bonneau ... Suite for saxophone and piano
York Bowen ... Flute sonata; clarinet sonata
Timothy Bowers ... Threnody for violin and piano
Aubrey Bowman ... Prelude and fugue for violin and piano; Theme and variations for viola and piano
Bozza ... Badinage for trumpet and piano; Rustiques for trumpet and piano; New Orleans for bass trombone and piano; Caprice for trumpet and piano; Ballade for trombone and piano; Récit, sicilienne et rondo for bassoon and piano; Frigariana for trumpet and piano
Brahms ... Clarinet sonatas nos 1 and 2 (no. 2 also with viola); trio for clarinet, cello and piano; cello sonata in e minor; cello sonata in F; cello sonata in D (arrangement of violin sonata no. 1); violin sonata no. 2; violin sonata no. 3; FAE scherzo; Piano Quartet in g minor
Brandt ... Concert piece op. 11 for trumpet and piano; Concert piece op. 12 for trumpet and piano
Bridge ... Cello sonata
Britten ... Cello sonata
Eldin Burton ... Flute sonatina
Alan Bush ... Three Concert Studies for Piano Trio; Northumbrian Impressions for oboe and piano; Lyric Interlude for violin and piano
Geoffrey Bush ... Trio for oboe, bassoon and piano
Busoni ... Divertimento for flute and orch (flute and piano version); violin sonata no. 2; Elegie for clarinet and piano
Castelnuovo-Tedesco ... Clarinet sonata; bassoon sonatina
Castérède ... Trombone sonatina; Trumpet sonatina
Chopin ... Piano trio
Ian Clarke ... Orange Dawn; The Mad Hatter; Deep Blue; Hypnosis (all for flute and piano)
Rebecca Clarke ... Morpheus for viola and piano
Barry Cockcroft ... Melbourne Sonata for soprano saxophone and piano
Coleridge-Taylor ... Variations for cello and piano in b minor; Violin sonata
Copland ... Duo for flute and piano
Michael Csanyi-Wills ... Altostratus for saxophone and piano
Damase ... Sonate en concert for flute, (optional cello) and piano
William D Davis ... Bassoon sonata
Julian Dawes ... Dawn at Midnight for french horn and piano
Debussy ... Première Rhapsodie for clarinet and piano; Violin sonata; Cello sonata; Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune (arr. flute and piano by Samazeuilh)
Delius ... Violin sonata no. 2; Violin sonata no. 3
Denisov ... Alto saxophone sonata
Donato ... Prelude and Allegro for trumpet and piano
Doppler ... Hungarian Fantasy for flute and piano
Dring ... Trio for flute, oboe and piano
David Dubery ... Cello sonata
Pierre Max Dubois ... Tango Sonatina for bassoon and piano
Dukas ... Villanelle for french horn and piano
Dutilleux ... Flute sonatina
Harold East ... Sonatina for tenor trombone and piano
Elgar ... Violin sonata; Chanson de nuit for violin and piano; Chanson de matin for violin and piano; Romance for bassoon and piano
Enesco ... Cantabile and Presto for flute and piano; Légende for trumpet and piano; Concert piece for viola and piano
Ewazen ... Trumpet sonata no. 1; Trio for trumpet, violin and piano
Falla ... The Pieces for cello and piano
Fauré ... Elégie for cello and piano; Fantaisie for flute and piano
Finzi ... Five Bagatelles for clarinet and piano; Interlude for oboe and piano
German ... Intermezzo for flute and piano
Graham Fitkin ... Gate for soprano saxophone and piano; Hard Fairy for soprano saxophone and two pianos
Eric Fogg ... Poem for cello and piano
Ben Foskett ... Bench for alto saxophone and piano
Franck ... Violin sonata
Niels Gade ... Fantasy pieces op. 43 for clarinet and piano
Hans Gal ... Suite for saxophone and piano
Philip Gates ... Clarinet sonata
Gaubert ... Flute sonata no. 2; Fantaisie for flute and piano
Ginastera ... Pampeana No. 2 for cello and piano
Glinka ... Trio for clarinet, bassoon and piano; Viola Sonata; Grand Sextet for piano and strings
Goepfart ... Trio for flute, oboe and piano
Grieg ... Violin sonata no. 3
Carlos Guastavino ... Clarinet sonata; Tonada y cueca for clarinet and piano
Gubaidulina ... Sounds of the Forest; Allegro rustico (both for flute and piano)
Hahn ... Sarabande et Thème variée for clarinet and piano
Robin Haigh ... Fantasy on a Taiwanese Melody for bassoon and piano
Handel ... Violin sonata in F HWV370
Charlotte Harding ... Voyage for soprano saxophone and piano
Paul Harris ... 'Little Red Cap - an opera for trumpet and piano'
Hamilton Harty ... In Ireland for flute and piano; Three Miniatures for oboe and piano
Paul Harvey ... Three Epigrams for clarinet and piano
Roger Harvey ... Four Impromptus for trumpet and piano
Haydn ... Piano Trio in C major; Piano Trio in E major
Dave Heath ... Gentle Dreams; Shiraz (both for flute and piano)
Hindemith ... Flute sonata; Meditation for viola and piano; Trumpet sonata; Trombone sonata; Tuba sonata; Double bass sonata; Bassoon sonata
J. Horovitz ... Clarinet sonatina; Adam blues for trombone and piano
Jean Hubeau ... Trumpet sonata
Hüe ... Fantasy for flute and piano
Hurlstone ... Trio for clarinet, bassoon and piano; Characteristic Pieces for clarinet and piano; Bassoon Sonata
Ireland ... Clarinet sonata; Cello sonata
Iturralde ... Pequeña czarda for saxophone and piano
Gordon Jacob ... Variations on a Dorian theme for saxophone and piano; Fantasy for euphonium and piano
Janacek ... Pohadka for cello and piano
Allen Johnson ... Night Song for alto saxophone and piano
Jolivet ... Chant de Linos for flute and piano; Fantaisie impromptu for alto saxophone and piano
Jongen ... Introduction et danse for viola and piano
Jeffrey Joseph ... Trombone sonata
Kirchner ... Tre poemi for horn and piano
Kreisler ... Liebesleid; Liebesfreud; Schön Rosmarin; Preludium & Allegro
Lowell Liebermann ... Flute sonata
W. Lloyd Webber ... Air and Variations for clarinet and piano
Lawson Lunde ... Sonata for saxophone and piano
Lutoslawski ... Dance Preludes for clarinet and piano
Lutyens ... Five Little Pieces for Clarinet and Piano
Martinu ... Flute sonata; clarinet sonatina; Scherzo for flute and piano; Variations on a Slovak theme for cello and piano; Variations on a theme of Rossini for cello and piano; Trumpet sonatina; Cello sonata no. 2
Martucci ... Violin sonata
Maurice ... Tableaux de Provence for saxophone and piano
Maxwell Davies ... Trumpet sonata
Patrick McCarty ... Bass trombone sonata
Mendelssohn ... Piano trio in d minor; Piano trio in c minor
Messiaen ... Quatuor pour le fin du temps; Le merle noir for flute and piano; Theme and Variations for violin and piano
Milhaud ... Clarinet sonatina
Akira Miyoshi ... Violin sonata
Mike Mower ... Flute sonata no. 3
Mozart ... Violin sonata in B flat K378; Violin sonata in C K301; Violin sonata in e K304; Violin sonata in A K305; Piano trio K548; Piano trio in G K496
Robert Muczynski ... Moments for flute and piano; Flute sonata; Time pieces for clarinet and piano
Oliver Nelson ... Sonata for Alto Saxophone and piano
Nestico ... Portrait of a trumpet for trumpet and piano
Pärt ... Mozart Adagio for piano trio
Penderecki ... Three Miniatures for clarinet and piano
Pennequin ... Morceau de concert for trumpet and piano
Pfitzner ... Cello sonata
Piazzolla ... Four Seasons in Buenos Aires (arr. piano trio by J Bragato); Le Grand Tango for cello and piano
Karl Pilss ... Trumpet sonata
Thomas Pitfield ... Cello sonata; Cello sonatina
Pizzetti ... Piano Trio; Violin sonata
Anthony Plog ... Three miniatures for tuba and piano
Poulenc ... Trio for oboe, bassoon and piano; Clarinet sonata; Flute sonata; Oboe sonata; Cello sonata
Humphrey Procter-Gregg ... Cello sonata no. 1; Cello sonata no. 2
Prokofiev ... Flute sonata; Violin sonata no. 1; Cello sonata
Amy Quate ... Light of Sothis, for alto saxophone and piano
Rachmaninov ... Cello sonata
Ravel ... Tzigane; Violin sonata in G
Reger ... Clarinet sonata in F sharp minor Op. 49 No 2
Respighi ... Violin sonata
Verne Reynolds ... Fantasy-Etudes for french horn and piano
Alan Richardson ... Three pieces for clarinet or cor anglais, Op. 22
Rodney Rogers ... Lessons of the Sky for soprano saxophone and piano
Roussel ... Joueurs de flûtes
Rubbra ... Oboe Sonata
Saint-Saëns ... Clarinet Sonata; Oboe Sonata; Bassoon Sonata; Cavatine for trombone and piano; Romance for horn and piano (with trombone); Piano Trio number 2 in e minor; Piano Trio no. 1 in F major
Timothy Salter ... Three Mondrian Pictures for clarinet and piano
Leonard Salzedo ... Tuba sonata
Satie ... Choses vues de gauche et de droit (sans lunettes) for violin and piano
Florent Schmitt ... A tour d’anches for oboe, clarinet, bassoon and piano
Schnittke ... Cello sonata no. 2
Schubert ... ‘Arpeggione’ sonata (with cello and with flute); Variations on ‘Trockne Blumen’ for flute and piano; Violin sonata in A, D574; Violin sonata in D, D384; Fantasie D934 for violin and piano
Schulhoff ... Flute sonata
Schumann ... Violin sonata in a minor Op.105; Fantasiestücke Op. 73 for clarinet and piano; Adagio & Allegro for horn and piano; Piano trio no. 2 in F; Piano quartet
Andy Scott ... Three-Letter Word for alto saxophone and piano
Cyril Scott ... Scotch Pastoral for flute and piano
Kazimierz Serocki ... Trombone sonatina
Shostakovich ... Violin sonata; Viola sonata; Piano quintet; Cello sonata
Smetana ... From the Homeland for violin and piano
Stanford ... Clarinet sonata; Three Intermezzi for clarinet and piano
Halsey Stevens ... Trumpet sonata; Trombone sonatina
Stevenson ... Bergstimmung for horn and piano; Duo sonata for harp and piano; Recitative and air for violin and piano
F. Strauss ... Nocturno for horn and piano
R. Strauss ... Cello sonata
Stjepan Sulek ... Sonata for trombone and piano
Takemitsu ... Distance de Fée for violin and piano
Tansman ... Bassoon sonatina
Tartini ... 'Didone Abbandonata' sonata
Tchaikovsky ... Piano trio; Pezzo cappriccioso for cello and piano
A. Tcherepnin ... Andante Op.64 for tuba and piano
Alec Templeton ... Pocket-sized Sonata no. 1 for clarinet and piano; Pocket-sized Sonata no. 2 for clarinet and piano
Cedric Thorpe-Davie ... Sonatina for flute and piano
Joan Tower ... Fantasy for clarinet and piano
Antonin Tucapsky ... Four Dialogues for clarinet and piano
Kerry Turner ... ’Twas a dark and stormy night for horn and piano
Vaughan Williams ... Six Studies on English Folk Song
Vladigerov ... 'Song' (from Bulgarian Suite) for violin and piano
Walthew ... Bagatelles for Clarinet and Piano
Waxman ... Carmen fantasy for violin and piano
Weber ... Grand duo concertant for clarinet and piano; Variations for clarinet and piano Op. 33
Mieczyslaw Weinberg ... Violin sonata no. 4
Judith Weir ... Sketches from a Bagpiper’s Album for clarinet and piano
Widor ... Suite for flute and piano
John Williams ... Three pieces from Schindler's List for violin and piano
Gareth Wood ... Toccata for bass trombone and piano; Aubade for euphonium and piano

Also pieces by Telemann, Vivaldi, Ferguson, Burgmüller, Sauguet, Joubert, Grovlez and others.

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