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Richard Black

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I haven't kept notes of this the way I have of music actually composed for piano, but as far as I can remember these are most of the concertos I've accompanied.

Flute: Jolivet; Mozart (both); Chaminade 'Concertino'; CPE Bach in d minor
Piccolo: Vivaldi
Oboe: Mozart; Strauss
Clarinet: Mozart; Strauss 'Concertino for Clarinet and Bassoon'; Weber 'Concertino'; Finzi; Jacob double concerto with trumpet
Bassoon: Mozart
Saxophone: Ibert 'Concertino da camera'; Glazunov; Creston
French Horn: Mozart 3 and 4; Strauss 1; Gliere
Trumpet: Haydn; Hummel; Neruda; Jolivet 'Concertino'; Arutunian; Tomasi; Addison; Böhme; Riisager 'Concertino'; Gregson
Trombone: Grondahl; Tomasi; Larsson 'Concertino'; Rimsky-Korsakov; Wagenseil; David; L. Mozart; Jacob
Euphonium: Joseph Horovitz
Tuba: Gregson; Vaughan Williams; Lebedjev
Percussion: Creston 'Concertino' (Marimba); Milhaud; Mayazumi (Xylophone)
Violin: Bruch 1; Mendelssohn; Mozart 3; Tchaikovsky; Brahms; Korngold; Sibelius; Prokofiev 1; Elgar
Viola: Martinu 'Rhapsody Concerto'
Cello: Haydn (both); Dvorak; Schumann; Prokofiev 'Sinfonia Concertante'; Walton; Saint-Saëns 1; Bridge 'Oration'; Shostakovich 1; Elgar; Tchaikovsky 'Rococo Variations'
Double Bass: Dragonetti; Koussevitzky (both at transposition); Gordon Jacob
Piano: Chisholm 2; Stevenson 1; Schumann; Chopin 2; Saint-Saëns 2

...plus, of course, plenty of baroque concertos especially for flute, recorder and violin but when different editions use different naming/numbering systems for prolific composers such as Vivaldi and Telemann it's hard to keep track.

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